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Designs by Mary's mission is to empower and brighten the community around us spreading positive  emotion through graphic design. These designs are  put into themes and coordinates to dress up the whole family and decorate your home too! 

A recent battle with Breast Implant Illness leaves me an opportunity to spread some positive emotion while trying to deal with a very negative and costly experience. I hope through these designs you can help spread some joy and laughter within your own communities as well. One very important lesson learned for me is that you don't ever need to change your body for anyone, not even yourself. You just need to learn to love the body you are given as it is, unconditionally. I believe that as long as you feel good wearing what you wear, than put it on and walk on some sunshine! Self confidence is something we could all use more of!

Some designs are themed for family and group or sport gatherings.  Some are specifically patterned to accent your body shape like my Original Booty Filters line. No matter what you are looking for, as long as it is good clean fun, it is here! If you don't see something you are looking for, shoot me an email and I will see what I can whip up for you!

As a Thank You to my TEESPRING shoppers for helping me get this whole line off the ground, I would like to extend 10% Off EVERY ORDER to you by using Promo Code POSITIVE at checkout.

For my REDBUBBLE shoppers, use PROMO code 


About Simply Mary

Simply Mary 4 Days before Explant Surgery to remove her dangerous textured breast implants.

Embrace Your Passion

Music has always been very healing for me. From dealing with Lupus to Domestic Violence, love and loss, music never goes away.  I started creating my own songs in 2011 as a solo artist on piano. In 2012 I taught myself to play my mom's acoustic guitar and began to write more and more.  In late 2013 I was displaced due to Domestic Violence and forced to relocate. In 2014 The Band formed in the Phoenix Arizona area.  By 2015 I released my first ever album, a childhood dream by the way, Freedom Bound Dedicated to Survivors of Domestic Violence. Now for sale and streaming global! Embrace your passion whatever it may be, it just may save your soul some day!


What is new?

By 2016 plans for the second album and music videos commenced. Our Home Studio set up and ready!  I began podcasting on Apple Podcasts and Anchor.fm. But also in 2017 I underwent full body reconstruction after a massive weight loss. I had highly cohesive silicone gel implants placed that have made me very ill since. Breast Implant Illness has put  ALL of my plans to a complete halt. For now... And so I will be blogging this journey to bring much needed awareness to this matter. So please, in the meantime  join me as I blog my experiences and new goals!


Be Inspired By Everything

Sick or not, I try hard to find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and the experiences I see from all types of people and places around me. These stories are in every  single song I write. Even though I am not very active with my music right now, I still am creating with my new graphic designs line, Designs by Mary.  It seems that creating apparel and home decor tends to be healing too!

Ask Simply Mary - Podcast Episodes

Introducing Designs by Mary!

I'm so excited to get this design business off the ground and running! Check out some of my designs here!