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Dedicated to Survivors of Domestic Violence now on Pandora!

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Designs by Mary's mission is to empower and brighten the community around us spreading positive  emotion not only through music, but also  graphic design. and tangible art. My unique designs currently  are available printed on many items. 

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About Simply Mary

Simply Mary 4 Days before Explant Surgery to remove her dangerous textured breast implants.

Embrace Your Passion

Music has always been very healing for me. From dealing with illness to Domestic Violence, mental health, love and loss. Music never goes away, it simply goes on.  I always had the desire to make music ever since I was just a small child.  I finally started creating my own songs in 2011 as a solo artist on piano. In 2012 I taught myself to play my mom's acoustic guitar and began to write more and more.  In late 2013 I was displaced due to Domestic Violence and forced to relocate. In 2014 The Band formed in the Phoenix Arizona area to EMPOWER survivors.  By 2015 I released my first ever album, a childhood dream by the way, Freedom Bound Dedicated to Survivors of Domestic Violence. Now for sale and streaming global! 

Embrace your passion whatever it may be, you may surprise yourself someday!!


What is new?

By 2016 plans for the second album and music videos commenced. Our Home Studio set up and ready!  I began podcasting on Apple Podcasts and Anchor.fm. But also in 2017 I underwent full body reconstruction after a massive weight loss. I had highly cohesive silicone gel implants placed that have made me very ill since. Breast Implant Illness took  control of my life for nearly 2 years until I finally explanted in February of 2019.   I have been blogged my  journey to bring much needed awareness to the matter.along with thousands of other women who are sharing their story. For now, it is on to new things, because I can not remain in that chapter of my life any longer. It's time to do something new, but you will have to wait to see just what!


Be Inspired By Everything

I try hard to find inspiration all around me at all times.  I try to make my music representative of myself and the experiences I see from this world and all the different  types of people and places around me. These stories are in every  single song I write. Even though I am not very active performing, I still am creating art with my new graphic designs, and wood crafting my  Designs by Mary.  It seems that creating apparel and home decor tends to be healing too! So whatever it is that helps you feel a little lighter, do it! After all, your passion belongs to YOU!

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